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Welcome to the world of carving stone! In this book I have tried to include all the techniques, shortcuts and knowledge that I have gained over the past decade. I explain traditional methods of carving as well as the ways to use power tools. I have tried to cover all facets of the art including: direct carving,lettering (including letters), gilding, making models, inspirations and ideas, care of tools, places to get stone and tools, stone carving courses, information about stone, making carving tables, setting up you workshop, over 80 pictures, and literally anything else that I could think of. Thank you and I hope you fully enjoy your life. Shane Smith

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This book is in CD form and is stored in PDF format. You can print out what ever pages you need to have handy. An Adobe Acrobat reader (minimum version 4.0) is necessary to view this format. A reader is available for free download at Adobe I have chosen this format to skip the delays and problems in traditional publishing (and to save you money). If you do not have a CD-Rom drive in your computer I can furnish the content for downloading direct to your computer.

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Stone Carving Explained
(for all who want to learn how, or to learn more)

This is a book (CD really) that comes from both years of experience and from having literally hundreds of requests for places to get information like this. Unless you are an accomplished stone sculptor with little left to learn about the art, you will be following my footsteps and it's always nice to know what you are going to be stepping in. This book is for the lover of life, beauty and new challenges. It's for the person that may only finish one piece for a loved one or go on to a lifetime in communion with stone. Seek the heart of the stone like a child exploring nature. Approach it with wonder and an openess to learning, and the odds are that you will be as stone struck as I am.

Review from Wood Carving Mazagine in London.
For a sample of what's on this CD check out my how to carve page. The CD contains over 65 more pages and pictures.

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